a.i. & assistance

it has never been easier or faster to apply advanced computing to solve your mundane daily problems.

the efficiency and scale we can now achieve through intelligent automation in businesses of any size is astounding

this is an area in which we are constantly exploring and learning as the space continues to evolve

technology is meant to be easy, and ai can help

there are a lot of reasons why it can prove useful for your business here are 3

their operational memory is better than ours

it's pretty awesome

imagine downloading a new expertise for your assistant instantly. with the power of vector embedding and retrieval a.i. can store and access vast amounts of knowledge much faster than we can

programming is their first language

so to speak

it is logical that models would be able to talk to computers better than we can. especially when backed by comprehensive documentation (see point 1 above)

a.i. excels in this area. human coding tasks will almost certinainly transition back to natural language prompting

they replicate faster than us

scaling and evolving

the ability for a.i. agents to spin up a sub-agent, or multiple agents, to work on tasks in parallel (who can in turn call their own agents, and so on) gives scalability a whole new meaning. they are fast learners too

let’s work together

Current project

creating virtual teams

modern large language model applications leverage orchestration frameworks (like langchain and alpacaindex) to help conduct complex tasks, often through agents.

an enormous amount of documentation and training information exists around common roles on a team (or perhaps with a partner) that can inform multiple agents who specialise in different tasks

  • provide a capable front line agent team to triage problems
  • enable broad expertise through digesting documentation
  • understand specific geographical and organisational context and services
Use cases