customer technology

what was once a vast diverse array of disparate tools is across sales, marketing, advertising, service, operations, and finance - these technologies that manage a business's relationship with consumers are quickly converging

to take full advantage of the ecosystem we work across this broader category of technologies, known as customer technology

stop working for the technology, get it working for you

working with businesses at all phases of maturity over several years, there are a few principles we apply when we approach customer technology initiatives

technology is a means to an end

not an end in itself

we don't believe in tech for tech sake. too many businesses have fragmented investment strategies, bolstered by good tech sales people and employees trying to keep up with the market.

your technology investments should be lead by use cases and strategies, which will save you from paying licenses for months without delivering value

no department owns your tech

the business does

not IT. not marketing. not sales. tools and solutions your company invests in are meant to drive business value for the whole company.

by focusing on the purpose of the technology, it can help tear down silos and spark new ways of working. there is a direct relationship with the value a business sees from tech and the number of people actively using it, so the more the merrier

there are doers and there are talkers

the former have less competition

there's no shortage of consultancies and agencies who have opinions on the theory of how technology could be used to deliver business value, yet a distinct lack of businesses are actually realising this value

this often comes down to a lack of knowledge on how to actually execute, leaving you a couple years down the road with millions invested and little to show for it

hence our approach is grounded in pragmatism and action, delivering value quickly and building momentum

let’s work together

Current project

enabling and growing talent organisation wide

part of the challenge of how quickly customer technology has evolved is the reliance on specialists and partners to actually use the technology, however this status quo is quickly changing

technologies are getting more streamlined, smarter, and easier to use for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. today if you can book a multi-leg journey or manage your bank transfers online, you can use customer technology to set up a journey

this democratisation opens up the opportunity to unleash the full potential by empowering everyone in your business

  • establishing playbooks and development journeys to enable self-guided learning
  • providng practical, applicable resources that take the theory out of learning
  • developing content and training programmes to help anyone leverage technology
training Resources
adoption growth